Organization & Operations

Organization & Operations

RENGO-RIALS, started in December, 1987, was established as a foundation in December, 1988, under joint oversight of four government agency/ministries: namely, Economic Planning Agency (now Cabinet Office), Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Labour (now combined into Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare). The status continues to this day.

The institute's governing bodies including the Board of Directors and the Council are composed of persons of learning and experience and officers from RENGO Headquarters and RENGO's member organizations. The managing officers and research staff at the institute are loaned from RENGO, its member organizations, and government ministries with oversight responsibilities.

Separate study committees are organized on individual study/research themes: In addition to the research staff within the institute, committee members are selected from among expert researchers in respective fields of study and officers of RENGO and RENGO's member organizations.

[Organizational and Operational Structure]

Organizational and Operational Structure